Chiang Mai

Why book a tour with us?.

Personalized Service----
We are happy to work with you prior to your arrival to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Our tours provide one-on-one service, you are not rushed and will enjoy the tour at an enjoyable pace. You will have your tour guide's phone number in case you have any questions or want to add to your itinerary while you are here. We are flexible to your needs.

My heart is in the community --------
I do volunteer work to help disadvantaged villages and contribute my time to local charities. Unlike corporate tour groups, my aim is not to exploit hill tribes for profit, I give back to the community.

Be safe------
You will be in good hands with ChiangMaiTourguides; we are experienced and know the best routes and safest areas. Our vehicles are regularly maintained and licensed properly.

We specialize in Northern Thailand-------
We only offer guides in Northern Thailand. We are experts in the area and it's long and interesting history. We do not need to sub-contract our tours to others since we know the area very well.

We help you avoid the "Farang tax"--------
Farang is the slang Thai expression for foreigner, we know how to negotiate and will get you good prices at all times. Otherwise you will be paying the "Farang Tax" on everything, a significant amount.

We provide Northern Thai hospitality & Experience-------
Who can better show you the area than a native? Recommending food you will enjoy; explaining the symbols and rituals you will see. Interpreting the language. You are guaranteed to experience more of Thai life than you could without a native tour guide.

Get the photos you want-------
We know that many of our visitors want to obtain great photos and we can help. We can break the ice with village people, helping to pave the way for relaxed portraits of these photogenic people. Often the person taking the pictures never appears in the photos themselves. We will gladly take some pictures of you enjoying the destination with your travel partners.

Friendly, fun and informative companion-------
All guides are helpful, courteous and very personable. Your guide will keep you smiling and learning about Thai life and customs throughout your journey together.

Loyalty to returning customers---------
We offer 5% discount to our repeat clients.

What our customers are saying!.

Dear Wanpen,
Thank you for your services in Chiang Mai. I really enjoyed my stay and want to return using your services again. I have scheduled another trip back to Thailand in March. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Thomas O.
Honolulu, HI

Dear Wanpen,
Every time I visit here I feel relieved, everyone is gentle, there is rich nature, there are many historical places, it looks like time flows slowly. Every time I visit to Chiang Mai I asked to Miss. Wanpen. Srieamsard to guide me. She is efficient in everything she does and she is kind too, she is a nice woman, I usually appreciate her guide. Pai is one of the place where we went this time by car and I could see many things which I had not know and that remained me good memory again.


Hi Wanpen,
I would like to Thanks CMTOURGUIDES for looking after my friend and myself last week in Chiang Mai. Both Pin and the driver were very courteous and informative. I will recommend cmtourguides to anyone anytime. Kind Regards,
Asif N.
Perth, Australia

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