Chiang Mai

Retirement Services we offer.
Retirees the world over are discovering that Northern Thailand offers the best quality of life in your later years.
Let us help you find suitable housing, get acquainted with the area, meet new friends & activities.

Retirement in Thailand, especially northern Thailand makes more sense now than ever. Housing, Medical care, climate and available activites all add up to a desirable place to
live at any age, but especially if you are going to be living on a fixed income in your golden years.

You can read books, watch movies, visit websites; but in the end you really need to visit a country and area where you are considering moving to on a long-term basis. Chiang
Mai Tour guides offers retirement workshop tours. In our tours, we will simply introduce you to the way of life in Chiang Mai. We will show you housing options, discuss the day- to-day way of living, that is afforded to those who choose to retire here.

After housing, we will introduce you to the various areas of commerce, shopping for groceries, transportation and ways to get around. We will discuss medical facilities and
how to check into hiring a housekeeper. Throughout the tour, you are welcome to ask all the questions you want.
We offer practical advice, gained from living here, working with many retirees who have built happy and productive lives in Chiang Mai. We also have contacts with lawyers and real estate professionals for answers to fit your specific needs.

We can tailor and emphasize retirement information to your family needs, if you are a single retiree, your needs will likely be quite different than a retiree with a family
or with a working spouse. We can provide information and show you the local universities where skills and language courses are available for all ages.

Visa Information----------
We can advise you on the various type so visas that a foreigner will need if he or she wishes to stay longer than the typical short vacation. citizens from many countries can enter Thailand without charge for 30 days without a visa. Some of these countries include USA., England, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada as well as most European countries. Your passport
must be valid for 6 months beyond your planned departure.

There are many visa options and for nonspecific reasons, the Thai government chooses to change them every few years. We have legal contacts with the most accurate visa information who can guide you to the most appropriate visa type for your situation and length of stay.

Finding a Place to stay--------------
Obviously, when you come to Thailand you will need a place to stay. We can show you many types of accomodations, from studio and condos to houses and townhomes.

Property Rental-----------
We also have access to listings for long term accomodations, where the rates are much more affordable since you will be leasing for a longer period of time.

Medical Information-------------
Thailand has a well deserved reputation for quality health care. Many physicians are trained in western universities and have advanced degrees and experience in western hospitals. The lower cost of living in Thailand helps to reduce the fees that have to be charged by both the doctors and hospitals here in Thailand.

Both medical and dental care are cheaper and of a very high quality here in Chiang Mai. Most doctors speak English and welcome new patients.

Airport Pickup/Dropoff.
We can provide pickup at Chiang Mai airport and transportation to your hotel in air-conditioned car.

300baht for one-way transportation to/from Chiang Mai International Airport.

Simply use our contact form to let us know our arrival date, time and flight number.
If you have a large party, we also have a passenger van for up to 6 people.