Chiang Mai

Tour Destinations we offer.
Tour durations vary, from 2-4hours, Full day, and some overnight tours. Combine as you wish to save time and money.
All Tours include pickup & drop off at your hotel. Meals & Souvenirs purchased separately.

Karen Long Neck Village
Karen Long-Neck Tribe
   There is only one long neck Karen hill tribe. Women put brass rings on their necks when they are 5 or 6 years old and increase the number every year until their necks become longer, as a symbol of beauty. They are one of the most interesting hill tribes in the world. Nearby is the big ear hill tribe.You must see these hill tribes at least once in your life.
   We will pick you up from your hotel between 7:15-7:45 am. First stop is a visit to an orchid & butterfly farm. Next, we drive to Chiang Dao cave to see underground stalactites, stalagmites and Buddha image in Myanmar style.
We will visit Meo hill tribe village and the Tha Ton Temple on the mountain.
   The temple is the best spot to get a magnificent view of the Kok River. You will also see a big beautiful Buddha image. We will have lunch and after eating and resting we will visit the Karen Long Neck and big ear hill tribe villages, walking amoungst these interesting and friendly hill people.

Tiger Kingdom
   An exciting and unique Tiger Zoo, where you can mingle with the big cats. These special Tigers have been raised since birth to be around humans and our experienced trainers are always there to answer your questions. Feel their luxurious fur, listen to their heartbeat and breathing as you spend time in their habitat.
   Enjoy a cool drink and something to eat while you watch & take photos as you are up close with these magnificent animals. This tour includes hotel pickup and return. Tickets are purchased separately at the zoo for the number of guests that care to enter and spend time with the tigers.
Tiger Kingdom

Massage School
Thai Massage & Spa
   Thai massage is a natural and ancient method of relaxing and removing stress with no harmful side effects to the body. While our spirits respond to the sight of flowers and landscapes, our bodies are more affected by plant infusions, extracts , and essential oils.
   At a spa you will also discover foot reflexology, an ancient method of massaging pressure points of the foot, that correspond to other parts of the body. Indulge in body scrubs, which will make your skin soft and fresh by taking off dead skin and aromatherapy oil massage to complete your spa treatment.

Doi Inthanon - Full Day Tour
   Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand. It is 2,565 metres above sea level. It has many waterfalls in the surrounding forest.
   At the top of Doi Inthanon, often shrouded in misty clouds, are two large stupas built to honour the King and Queen.
   They are sacred stupas because here you can worship a relic of Buddha. We will have lunch at the Royal Project and visit the Flower Garden.
   Later, we will visit Meo hill tribe market and the two biggest and most beautiful waterfalls (Wachiratarn and Siritarn) before returning to Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon

Thai Cooking Class
Thai Cooking Class
   Chiang Mai's cooking schools aim to impart knowledge of authentic Thai food with the original taste. Most schools offers half day, full day and two day courses. All courses are completely " hands on " Every student prepares and cooks a starter, a selection of main courses, and a dessert.
   Depending upon which course you choose, course activities may include; visiting a local market to learn about how to identify and purchase Thai ingredients; assembling curry pastes from scratch; making exotic, healthy drinks with lemongrass and pandanus leaves; and fresh fruit tasting .

Elephant Trekking
   The Elephant Nature Park is also a unique sanctuary and rescue center for elephants set in a scenic rural mountain area. Home to approximately 30 elephants. For those who wish to ride an elephant, the experience of riding high atop of these animals is one not quickly forgotten.
   Elephants form an important part of the Thai culture and beliefs. On this tour, we take you to meet them and see them working, playing & they will demonstrate what makes them so magnificent.
   You will learn of their special place in Thai history and you will grow to love these intelligent and powerful friends of the Thai people.
Elephant Safari

KhunToke Dinner & Show
Khun Toke Dinner 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Dine on authentic Northern Thai food, Sample local delicacies and enjoy the atmosphere of Lanna Khantoke. You'll be entertained by a cultural show celebrating dancing styles from every part of the country including A Candle dance , Drum dance, Sword dance , Hill Tribe dance at Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center.

Bamboo Rafting
   Bamboo rafting in Chiang Mai is famous all around the world. Bamboo rafting in Chiang Mai is a relaxing experience. As you float along the slow moving river, the tranquil surroundings captivate your senses.
   Bamboo rafting in Chiang Mai allows you to leisurely float through green valleys and spectacular surroundings. The cool northern climate makes this an enjoyable year-round outdoor activity.
Bamboo Rafting

Golden Triangle - Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai - Golden Triangle
   On this tour, we take you to visit the Golden Triangle where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos meet and are separated only by the mighty Mekong river weaving it's way down from southern China down to the lower delta in Vietnam.
   Our guide will provide cultural and historial insights to the region. The area is safe for travel as the days of illegal drugs are past. All that remains is the mysterious ruins of ancient temples, winding paths leading past green forests and high views of the distant valleys.

ATV Trekking
   Come and explore hidden trails on your own All terrain vehicle. Cover a larger area and go where hiking would be most difficult, along ancient paths and along hilltops. Stop for something to eat and admire the views and fresh mountain air.
ATV Trekking

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting
   From July through March the rivers in northern Thailand are flowing and whitewater rafting is at its best. Join us and our experienced guides as we ride down the Mae Taeng river.

Night Market
   Chiang Mai's world famous Night market becomes a bee hive of activity with a wide array of bargains for the visitor. Let us take some of the confusion and repetition away as we guide you though the maze of booths and vendor stands to find that perfect handicraft, artwork or souvenir.
   There is a large food court with fresh Thai food and a small stage where nightly Thai traditional dancing is performed while you eat.
Night Market